The CanDrive is a major fundraiser for the Launceston Benevolent Society and aims to provide a yearly supply of food to help those that need it in our community. 

So if you think your small contribution doesn’t make a difference, IT DOES, as together we all make a massive difference – thanks again!

It’s EASY to participate:

1. Register by clicking the Register Now Button above
2. Your box will be delivered in the first 2 weeks of July
3. Place your box in an easy access area for all staff/clients/members to donate
4. Your box will be collected in the week commencing Monday August 6

Ideal donations (non-perishables) include...

If you fill your CanDrive box and require additional boxes, please use any other spare box within your workplace.

Your donation box will be collected in the week commencing August 6 or you can drop any donations into the Zest and Impression offices.

If you have any queries please call zest. on 6334 3319.